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Vance Webster's radio interview with CalvinWorthen discussing 

"29 Years For 13 Seconds" 

One-Act Play Weaves Social Justice Theme To Storytelling

At 16 years old, Vance Webster witnessed a crime committed by two friends. Because he refused to cooperate with the district attorney (honoring the “no-snitching code”), he was given a life sentence. “29 Years For 13 Seconds: On Women, Religion, Social Services (and the rest of that BS),” a one-act play chronicling Vance’s journey, is less about his time in prison, and is mostly a snapshot of his belief that prisons are filled with “good kids” whose lives are shaped by good parents who, unfortunately, make and model bad choices.

From bad choices that have “torpedoed” his life to all his failed efforts at beginning again, “29-Years For 13-Seconds” opens with present-day Duke (Webster’s street-name) seated in a one-room studio acknowledging “while Jesus saves in the eternity, prison saved me in the meantime.” The angst of the 50-year old formerly incarcerated man sharing a community bathroom with 16 other people who evidently don’t know you’re supposed to “shit inside the toilet” is palpable in the performance of Billy “Issim Dark” Ramsey as “Duke.” Ramsey’s artistic interpretation of Webster’s journey is arresting, especially when paired with his partner-in-creativity Iris Huey who brilliantly moves between six distinct supporting characters.


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