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"All of us are a whole lot more than the worst things

we've ever done." Sister Helen Prejean


One of the most remarkable things about Vance Webster, in spite of everything he's been through, is that he bears no bitterness - towards anything or anyone. In fact, he has a salacious sense of humor about most of it. Why? "'Cuz I bounced back!"

#THEBOUNCEBACK is a social media campaign featuring black men telling a brief story about a time, situation, or experience in which they went down but didn't stay down. They "bounced back". 


This campaign includes recorded stories of men sharing about bouncing back from failed relationships, careers, sickness, sadness, prison, etc. #THEBOUNCEBACK stories show black men in various contexts, and how they didn't let a setback have the final word.

Ghazi Muhammad

darren chapman

Calvin Worthen

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